The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II

January 18, 20161 min read

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Reading the Rape of Nanking is heartbreaking, to say the least; it is depressing. A complete sense of the lack of power is wrought over the reader as they are guided by Iris’s supreme authorship skills through each and every grisly event. A disgust is aimed at the actions of not the Japanese but the humans under the face of their nationality, as these humans crumbled and lapsed into animalistic barbarians. Moreover studying the conditions that allowed this to happen, with the structure of the Japanese society; allowing such an exacerbation of unchecked power exploit.

It’s truly not for the feint of heart, as I myself had to stop for a few seconds before directing my gaze back at the text. It’s so sad and terrible that such a holocaust has been inflicted on humanity, but the worst and most crucial aspect is that it has been forgotten. And to forget things like this is to accept.

Forgetting a holocaust is like killing twice.

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