The End Games

February 01, 20151 min read

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I must say this book exceeded my expectations. I only read it because I found it at this bookstore at a place I was visiting, and it was cheap so I thought might as well! Back to the book, well this book is fast-paced, scary at times, and so so so many plot twists my gosh, I had to keep turning the page. My only qualm about it is that in a sense it did seem quite vivid and real but it didn’t really talk about other places.. It’s setting was quite restricted to a small state. There were questions of ‘how are the other countries coping’ that kept popping into my mind, but again in the context of this book it was okay to not have included it. Ah, the ending was pretty cute :) Michael and Holly ♥️

Ahh it was a great book :) A lot of careful detail. 4.5/5

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