Stoner (A Novel) by John Williams

September 25, 20231 min read

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Stoner was a beautiful novel, belonging to a genre called an academic novel, since its stage is a university campus.

William Stoner was born to a hardworking agrarian couple, who saved up a sizeable amount of money so that he could study agriculture at university. Unbeknown to him, a seminar on English literature taken as a mandatory course changed the direction of his life forever. Something inside him was awakened with a passion he’d never known before, and he switched his studies to focus on literature, and subsequently became an English professor.

The novel focuses on William, painting a intimate picture of his life. Living every single day, tackling the ostensible mundane with a persistence that we soon realise is a form of love.

One can look at William Stoner and see a life that had not accomplished much on paper, someone whose marriage was a failure, and whose legacy was not far-reaching. However, by looking deeper we see the significance of every life, the significance of each action and the never-ceasing truth that William Stoner did live.

Read sometime in July 2023

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