Escaping Daddy

May 27, 20151 min read

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As a reader I scoffed at moments that Maria made decisions that were obviously for the detriment of herself, but having realised it being a true story a sense of pain and anger was sparked at the evils of the world. It truly opened my eyes regarding the long-term impact of child abuse, and how people cope with the memories. Whilst being a true story I must admit it was a little hard to regain the concept of time as dates were given in no chronological order. The words also while being kiddish connected with deep emotions all brewed on by the story. I also didn’t realise it was the second book in the series, but it didn’t really matter much.

Despite some of it’s shortcomings the story really made me rethink my perspectives on struggles; seeing how insignificant our problems are compared to others. The book also felt a little like an auto-biography at times, slipping advice onto our hands.

Overall I liked the book :)

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