September 30, 20141 min read

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This book is an absolute classic! It is basically a dystopian novel where the main character (Winston Smith) lives in. It is set in 1984 (obviously), and the world’s countries are divided into three superstates with each having their own totalitarian government and their own doctrine. Through this novel, Winston faces hideous truths behind this all knowing, all loving Big Brother and his Party. From the moment you are born in this world, you are subjected to endless propaganda and watched carefully to see if you show any signs of straying from the chosen path (which is following Big Brother). If for any instance a person thinks about anything bad about Big Brother (such as his downfall) they disappear, with their history removed from every record. In this world, he who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past. The novel is written with such amazing craftsmanship, and so it wasn’t surprising that I was instantly drawn into this meticulously woven story.

Absolutely would recommend to everyone, this is a book everyone must read before they die :)


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