War and Peace

September 30, 20191 min read

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This piece of work is an object that has consumed my past year.

It has been a long time of continual picking ups and putting downs. However, I am so glad to have gone through it because the further I drew away from this text, the more absorbed I became into it.

After reading through its’ seemingly endless pages, I realised that throughout this year I was living a second life - based in the years spanning 1805-1812.

War and Peace is such an interesting and unique text due to the fact only a text of this size, of this topic and read for only this duration could have provided me with such an expansive view of what we call “life”.

Tolstoy through his experiences, research, philosophical streams, and religious recounts has provided us a perfect conduit of the “feeling” that is life, dogged with it’s imperfections.

I loved it so much.

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