The Sirens of Titan

August 05, 20201 min read

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This is my first Vonnegut novel, and my first words are “Wow!“.

The novel through its simplicity explores a whole range of themes, but focuses on one in particular that ties them all together. This is in the inexplicable profundity in “I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all.”. There is no higher purpose in Vonnegut’s novel, in fact seemingly everything that has been human history was influenced by a civilisation called the Tralfamadore millions of light years away! The real kicker is that Winston Niles Rumfoord, a man who was caught in an accident that led to him be anywhere and everywhere at once - with an eye for everything that was, and everything that will be - in a futile attempt to carve his own decisions, acting as a messiah to a new religion for Earth (in the hopes to teach humanity a lesson) still falls into the furtive play of the Tralfamadore (a truth that is realised at the end of the novel before Rumfoord’s departure from the Solar System), a plan that was hundreds of millions of years in the making.

Absolutely enjoyed this!

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