The Sea of Tranquility

April 13, 20151 min read

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I started reading this book based on a friend’s recommendation and a few chapters in I started to regret it.

For me, the characters especially at the beginning felt so out of place - as I couldn’t relate to them with the typical teenage rebelliousness and angst/anger. This quickly changed as the story became more and more focused on the mystery of Sunshine and while it was quite annoying having the story go in circles at times the overall storyline was amazing. I loved the detail the author put in preparation for the climax, leaving hints here and there to produce multiple moments of intense sympathy and shared sadness directed at the evil within the world - both fictional and real.

This book taught me a few lessons

Never regret anything - “Because to regret it would mean to regret that I ever met her and I can’t make myself do that”

That it’s okay to not be okay.

“Nothing is perfect” - It may not be good yet but maybe.

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