Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World

December 29, 20211 min read

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This is one of those books that changes your theory of being.

I cannot recommend this enough, this book should be on everyone’s reading list.

The highlights for me were the detailed history of what came before capitalism, how capitalism relies on the growth imperative, the distinction between animism and dualism and its eerie impacts on our relationship with the world. Hickel also explores what a post growth world looks like and it truly fills me with hope, which is something that is quite rare in this era of ecological collapse and dread.

It is my hope that if more people read this they will gain a deeper understanding of what capitalism is, an exposé of its so called positives and the immense issues growthism brings.

In an era where we feel that things aren’t going the right way, that our system is failing us and our leaders aren’t paving the world we want to live in, Hickel’s Less Is More is a beautiful testament of what can be in its place.

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