Killing Commendatore

November 08, 20191 min read

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Killing Commendatore is a story about pain, the kind of pain that seizes you from the inside and makes it hard to breathe, the kind of pain that keeps your eyes glazed over as life unfolds before you. A deep intrinsic pain only inflicted by the sudden disappearance of the values and truths guiding your life - one that leaves you desperately clinging to a scrap of wood that had been swept away.

I utterly loved this novel.

This tale details a journey that a couple underwent after their sudden break-up. A tale of Ideas, Metaphors, paintings that are so vivid that they stare into your soul, forgotten memories and a search for something that ties you back to this world.

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Apurva Shukla

Created by Apurva Shukla.

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