Civilized to Death: What Was Lost on the Way to Modernity

September 19, 20221 min read

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This book is a wake-up call to a lot of the warning signs we’ve been experiencing collectively as a species. Our modern way of life has the bedrock understanding that the time in which we’re living is the best, and things will always get better and better.

If civilisation is a blip in our collective history of humanity, what is to say that this is our optimal, most authentic state? Looking into the past and seeing how our ancestors lived may hold the key to a fulfilling, sustainable, and healthy life.

There are heaps of learnings and kernels of wisdom in this book and I’m super excited to try experiment some of those findings myself.

Topics include:

  • On weapons
  • On cruelty and war
  • On diet / fasting
  • On the human zoo
  • On running
  • On children
  • On play
  • On sexual repression
  • On work
  • On experiences over riches
  • On compassion & Power
  • On the inevitability of death
  • On mental health
  • On shamans & Psychedelics
  • On reality
  • On peer networks
  • On disasters
  • On the Beginning and the End

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